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Don’t have to wear a froofy gown to be a princess. #disney


Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice, Little Mermaid & Sleeping Beauty by OBARY/ティアY22b


“Cinderella: this ain’t no prom” by Sadie Figueroa

“Cinderella” poster by Alexandra Rapcencu

It’s so pretty!

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“Once Upon a Time” by pezbananadesign

What is this beautiful thing?

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Designer dress Cinderella, drawn in SAI, something I don’t do very often but this particular look called for a digital rendering.  Texture was from H-D-Stock on deviantArt but they have sadly closed their account since.

It seems I can’t reiterate enough that using tracing as a learning tool is absolutely OK (although not ideal), posting pictures on the internet that you traced and claiming that they are your own work is NOT OK.  Just because something is fan art and the artist doesn’t have the rights to the character that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to our drawing. 


Because Princess Aurora deserves some shoes, too. The poor girl is always barefoot. 

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